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Platform pedals, also called flat pedals, are similar to the pedals you know from the regular city bike. In fact, these platform pedals are pretty much the same pedals as on a normal bicycle, yet not quite. The difference is in the fact that platform pedals have a large surface area, which increases the contact between the shoe and the pedal. For novice cyclists, these pedals are possibly the nicest. You can easily take your feet off the pedals. You can use platform pedals for your mountain bike if your preference is not to click pedals or if you have problems with your knee.

Types of flat pedals

Flat pedals come in two types. These are basic pedals, like the ones you can find on a city bike. Basic pedals are simple pedals for a mountain bike or hybrid bike that you use on the road. There are also special platform pedals for mountain bikes. These are pedals with extra grip: so you have a lot of control on a technical trail or a difficult descent, but you can also get off easily if necessary.

Advantage of flat pedals

The advantage of flat pedals is that you can quickly ground your foot while riding. This is ideal for beginner mountain bikers as well as advanced mountain bikers who do tricks, jump over ramps or ride tricky courses. With platform pedals, you can wear normal shoes and therefore do not need to purchase special shoes. If you want to do some walking during a bike ride, you can just do that with these pedals. Another advantage is that you don’t have to unclick your feet from the pedal. If you need to brake and dismount quickly, you can do so easily and save time.

Some disadvantages of flat pedals

Unfortunately, with platform pedals you don’t get the most out of a pedal stroke. You can only apply force downward. And your feet slide off the pedals more easily. This makes it a little more difficult to pedal on rougher surfaces. The disadvantages to mountain biking with platform pedals is that you can’t pull on your pedal, making it harder to climb a mountain. In addition, you cannot turn a cadence as high while cycling.